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Rabbi Moshe Yehudah Sankevitch and Sarah Sankevitch Click to view the family tree


Husband:   Rabbi Moshe Yehudah Sankevitch

Father: Reb Sania Sankevitch

Came from Govarchov near Warsaw, to Ostrovitza. His house in Govarchov was burned in WWI. Moved to live near his sister Leah in Ostrovietz.
From Shidlovtza & Ostrovtza

Wife:   Sarah Sankevitch

Father: Reb Yechiel Rosenberg


Male  Child 1:   Reb Hirsh Mordechai Sankevitch

Spouse: Rosa Roise
Children: Tovah, Pesie, Aharon

Hirsh-Mordechai was the elder brother, and was considered Y'lui. Was hanged by the russians during the WWI after caught by mistake for murder of a russian soldier he had not done.

Male  Child 2:   Reb Menahem Mendel Sankevitch

Spouse: Esther
Children: Yechiel Mendl Savyon, Sheindl, Gitl, Motl Mordechai, Abraham Avremale

From Lodge, married a Waislfish

Male  Child 3:   Rabbi Yaacov Hanoch (Henich) Sankevitch

Born: 1894
Died: 1955
Spouse: Haya-Frida Sankevitch
Children: Duvid Sankevitch, Chana, Yechiel Sankevitch, Miriam Rosenn, Rivka, Batya, Pnina, Rochale

Wrote "Hhidushey HaGrich"
בעל ספר חידושי הגרי"ח


Female  Child 4:   Hadas Luxenberg

Died: 1940
Spouse: Reb Shlomo Luxenberg
Children: Pesie Pesel, Itl, Rachel, Yocheved, Sarah

Had 5 daughters, all died in Holocaust

Female  Child 5:   Golda Perl

Spouse: Alter Baruch Perl
Children: Hirsh Mordechai Perl, Sarah Perl


Male  Child 6:   Reb Chaim Sankevitch

Died: 1942
Spouse: <NoName>
Children: Sarah, <NoName>, <NoName>

From Zichlin, had 6 children, all died in the Holocaust.
Moved to Khenchin, in Keltze, married  with the daughter of the Khenchin Rabbi, maybe Rubinstein (?)
They moved to the Ghetto in Ostrovietz.